The world’s largest mural unveiled in Rio de Janeiro

Rio mural Olympics

The Rio Olympic games are finally underway and to celebrate street artist Eduardo Kobra has unveiled an enormous 3,000 square metre mural in the Port District.

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The piece, called ‘We are all one’, depicts figures from all five continents representing the five rings of the Olympic logo and the cultural diversity of the games. The area has gone through extensive regeneration in the run up to the games and the mural is also a celebration of that process.

The mural, which stretches 190 metres long and over 15 metres high, is expected to become the world’s largest by Guinness World Records, measuring in at almost twice the size of the current record holder.

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Kobra and other artists worked on the artwork for over two months and used 3,500 cans of spray paint and 1,500 litres of coloured paint in its creation. It can be seen along the Olympic Boulevard, a 3-kilometre street that will host music and events throughout the rest of the games.

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