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Birding, it’s a real thing and more people are into it than you may think. In fact, there was a wonderful movie (The Big Year) about it starring some big names — Jack Black, Owen Wilson, and Steve Martin to name a few.

All of that was written, of course, just to give you the context that people actually go out looking to spot new species of birds.

Recently, things got a little scary near Orlando, Florida when a couple pulled their truck to the. side of the road, hoping to spot on a bird.

Cathy Terry, and her husband, Lloyd, were trying to spot a bird when Cathy looked down and saw the grass moving.

She quickly said to her husband, “Wow! Oh my gosh! Look at the size of that thing!”

What Kathy had spotted was an enormous six-foot long diamondback rattlesnake.

diamondback rattlesnake

Okay… but seriously, LOOK at that snake! It looks like it could…