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Watch this video which captures the chaos and beauty of the sardine run [VID]

Sardine Run South Africa

The great sardine run happens off the coast of southern Africa each year between May and July. The event sees billions of sardines migrate to the cool waters to spawn. These vast numbers don’t go unnoticed with marine predators and birds vying for supper.

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To give you some idea of the size – shoals can often reach up to seven kilometres long and over a kilometre wide. Sharks and dolphin circle the enormous shoals which group together when threatened, while gannets launch aerial bombardment attacks, darting into the ocean in the hope of a catch. A feeding frenzy ensues.

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This excellent underwater short captures the chaos and beauty of the sardine run in perfect measures. Some of the footage is slowed down in order to let the viewer understand the way these creatures prey on the shoals, while the rest is fast-paced and frenzied giving a truer picture of the run and the sardine’s fate.

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