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Ever heard of Penn and Teller, the famous duo of that first started wowing audiences with magic tricks in the 1970s? These guys know a thing or two about magic tricks and they definitely are well acquainted with a standard deck of 52 cards.

So, to trick them is not an easy task, but one determined blind man was up for the challenge. Richard Turner calls himself a “card mechanic,” emphasizing that he’s not a magician, and he happens to be legally blind.

“I started losing my sight when I was nine. Then during my teens and twenties, my vision was what’s called 20/400. Legally blind is 20/200, so I was twice as low as what’s considered legally blind in the State of California and then the degeneration continued until the point where the retinas were completely destroyed,” said Turner in an interview.  “And so now I have no actual vision.”

Nonetheless, he proved that he can fool two of the best, even without his eyesight. You see, for Turner, this whole obsession with cards started when he was young.

“Obsessed is an understatement,” says Turner. “When I’m in a car, my card table’s on my lap. When I’m walking around, I always have cards in my hand. So I was able to practice in just about every scene and situation that you could imagine because cards are small.”

Turner appeared on “Fool Us,” a TV show starring Penn and Teller that airs on the CW. There, he not only astonished a crowd (which he’s used to), but also two of the most successful magicians the world has ever known.

richard turner card mechanic

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Shortly before the show started, the host announced that anyone who fooled Penn and Teller would win a spot to perform in their Las Vegas show.


richard turner "fool us"

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Turner is a no nonsense type guy who works hard at everything he does. So, he was…