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The Alpine ibex goat needs to supplement its vegetarian diet with the minerals found in naturally occurring salt, which also serves to neutralise toxins in its body. The only problem? Much of the time, this salt is lodged between the high-up crevices of the near-vertical walls of the Cingino Dam in the north of Italy.

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On second thoughts, perhaps that’s not a problem at all. The incredible agility and supreme balance of these creatures allows them to defy gravity and scale such improbable heights with ease.

Adrian Migliorati first captured the phenomenon on camera back in 2010, and at the time skeptics accused the Italian hiker of doctoring the images, so implausible did the goats’ ascent seem.

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However, new footage from photographer Andrea Battisti of Hybrid Wildlife has produced a jaw-dropping video of the ibex in action as they tiptoe, leap and slide their way up and down the sheer face of the dam, completely unconcerned by the heights and gradients involved.

via Atlas Obsura

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