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Wake up to unobstructed views of the Swiss Alps at this new hotel concept

Swiss Alps bed Null Stern Hotel

The closest you can get to waking up to an obstructed views of the Swiss Alps is when you camp, and you’ve still got to unzip the door and crawl out to enjoy it.

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But now, conceptual artists Frank and Patrik Riklin have created the Null Stern Hotel suite, a luxury hotel room, just minus the walls. The space comes with everything you would expect from a suite – a comfortable double bed, side tables complete with lamps and room service.Swiss Alps bed Null Stern Hotel

As soon as you open your eyes you are treated to awesome views over the mountains. Your butler will bring you a continental breakfast in bed.Swiss Alps bed Null Stern Hotel

At $250 a night, it’s not going to break the bank. The artists and their partners plan to roll out similar beds throughout the Swiss countryside.

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There are only two problems with the concept. The bathroom is a ten-minute walk away and what if it rains?

via Demilked / Null Stern Hotel

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  1. Unobstructed views of San Francisco Bay from every room – it feels like you are on a boat – without rocking! No structures between 14 Josephine and the Bay.

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