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Visit Salzburg, the birthplace of Mozart – Yettio

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Well known for its awe-inspiring architecture, Salzburg is possibly the best-preserved city of the Alps. The striking alpine surroundings and historic buildings are parts of the reason why I decided to include the city in my European tour.

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european trip While the success of Mozart may have put the city on the map, its history, elegant architecture and culture are what make the trip truly worth the journey. Salzburg is home to opulent, exquisite domes that await discovery and exploration. The cliff-top fortresses and the mountains make for spectacular landscapes that enchant many who visit. In Salzburg, you can wander the streets in search of a unique experience and return mesmerised with having encountered more than expected.

What to do

Visit the Fortress Hohensalzburg

Peaking above the baroque towers of the city, the Fortress Hohensalzburg undoubtedly and beautifully contributes to Salzburg’s world-famous silhouette. The eye-catching structure is visible from much of the city. However, it is when you visit that you’ll get to appreciate the history and artistry. The Fortress Hohensalzburg is one the largest medieval fortifications in Europe. Dominating the heights of the city, it has spectacular views over the city of Salzburg.

Entrance fees: Basic Ticket

Ticket includes:

  • Ascent and descent by Fortress funicular
  • Entrance to fortress precincts
  • Guided tour with audio guide in eleven languages (salt storeroom, torture chamber, look-out tower, ‘Salzburg Bull’ – mechanical organ)
  • Fortress Museum
  • Rainer Regiment Museum
  • Marionette Museum
  • Alm passage.

Adults € 12.00

Children (6-14 years) € 6.80

Groups (of 10 adults or more) € 11.00

Groups (of 10 children/youths or more 6-19 years) € 6.30

Families € 26.60

Visit a Nonnberg Abbey

Nonnberg Abbey is the oldest female monastery in Austria dating back to 714 A.D. The monastery has been all but destroyed by fire several times over the years; fortunately, the rulers of the city always rebuilt it. Constructed in the early 16th century, the wooden Gothic altar by the sculptor Veit Stoss is one of the gems of this place and is located in the St. John’s Chapel near the gate.

For tour prices of Nonnberg, be sure to have a look at the various tour packages.

Hiking in Kapuzinerberg

The hill of Kapuzinerberg is 210 meters high, above the city east of the river in Sulzbach. Framed together with the mountain of Mönchsberg and the Festungsberg, the Kapuzinerberg is a broad hilltop with views of the city and Bavaria. While the people of the city have given many meanings to the mountains over years, Kapuzinerberg today embodies trails, great for exploring its spectacular views.

Visit Salzburg Zoo

Home to roughly 140 animal species, Salzburg Zoo is situated at the foot of the Hellbrunner Mountain. Nearly 800 animals reside at this unique zoo. These animals are both native and exotic in origin. The zoo ensures that the animals live in an environment that is as close to their natural habitat as possible. Salzburg Zoo continually develops special habitats to create a natural environment for the animals. For example, the zoo has recently created an “African Savannah” where rhinoceros, antelopes and guinea fowl co-exist.

This commitment to diversity means that a wander through the landscapes of the zoo is incredibly worthwhile, giving you a glimpse at rare and diverse fauna.

Entrance fees for the zoo:

Adults                                                           € 10,50

Kids (4 to 14 years)                                  € 4,50

Youngsters (15 to 19 years)                  € 7,00

Handicapped people                              € 7,50

european trip

Salzburg could be one of the most beautiful cities I have explored in Europe. While there is still much more I look forward to seeing of this amazing continent – and particularly of Austria – it still stands as one of the most awe-inspiring cities I’ve visited. From the graceful domes and spires that make up the striking silhouette of the city, to the sights and sounds it contains, Salzburg is an experience not to be missed.

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Touring Salzburg afforded me with the knowledge that the city is more than the birthplace of Mozart. I can say with certainty that while this picturesque city demands attention, patience and an adventurous spirit, it is happy to reveal its infectious and fascinating spirit and beauty to those looking for it.

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