Utah’s Scariest Rollercoaster from the front row (Video)

the cannibal ride at lagoon in utah

When you think of amusement parks and roller coasters in the United States, Utah isn’t the first place that comes to mind. Usually, you’ll think of coasters at Six Flags, Cedar Point, in Ohio, or coasters in Las Vegas, Nevada, just to name a few.

Utah, however, is home to a locally beloved amusement park known as Lagoon. The tagline: It’s what fun is. People who visit Utah during the summer months often find themselves having a blast at Lagoon, even though it’s not as well known as other parks in the west. The types of roller coasters at Lagoon range from big to small and thrilling to something more along the lines of “a ride to get the wind in your face.”

Lagoon, however, opened a new attraction in 2015 that is by far Utah’s scariest roller coaster and may hold its own against other coasters across the nation. It’s name — “The Cannibal.” Here’s a first-person point of view of the ride.

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