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US artist Kyle Williams has a unique hobby – searching for human glitches on Google Street View. And he’s good at it.

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It all started after he discovered a contorted looking human on the map while searching for a record store in France. He soon found that by looking through crowded areas as well as the 360° Photo Sphere, it was fairly common to find these strange human glitches.human-google-street-view-glitc (2)

Williams explains: “You could go to the map of a super busy touristy part of any major city and find of bunch of these Photo Spheres with tons of people glitched together, evaporating into the background, tangled into a mess, but I like finding the quieter ones”.

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For unknown reasons, beaches are particularly good places for looking for Google glitches. A beach in the southern French town of Nice revealed plenty of humans with limbs growing from strange places, sets of legs on their own and even a dog with two heads.

Take a look around yourselves and comment below if you find any you’d like to share.

human-google-street-view-glitc (4)human-google-street-view-glitc (5)human-google-street-view-glitc (6)human-google-street-view-glitc (7)human-google-street-view-glitc (8)human-google-street-view-glitc (9)Human Google Street View glitches Human Google Street View glitches Human Google Street View glitches Human Google Street View glitches

via So Bad So Good / Kyle Williams

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