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Unspoken rules – the 10 commandments of London – Yettio

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Stand on the right, walk on the leftmetro-94269_960_720

This is probably the most repeated phrase you will hear when using the underground. It is almost a criminal offence to stand on the left on the escalators. So, don’t do it. Ever.

Elbow talking

The minute you leave the house make sure you have your elbows ready. And if you are out and about in peak hours (seems to be all the time recently), you probably need to learn how to use them in double speed and even acquire a skill to rotate them: left, right, left right, left and right.


If by any unlucky chance you happen to be in central London (assuming you had no other choice and you were forced to go there) zigzagging along the pavement is your only practical tactic to get from A to B. Otherwise, you may just stand in the middle of the pavement and let the crowd knock you down. Oh, and you may add “elbow talking” to “ziggy-zig-zagging”.

Sun is out get your pins out

It doesn’t matter what time of the year it is, the minute the sun is out you get your pins out. And come March with the first days of sun after winter- you make sure you dust off your flip-flops.

To talk or not to talk

London underground

Flickr: Nick

Londoners don’t talk, especially when commuting. And please no eye-contact! If you look at someone you are almost considered as stalker and definitely a weirdo. Usually both!

“10 mins away” rule

Apparently everything is 10 minutes away. Doesn’t matter where you are and where you need to go, it is 10 minutes away. You are going from St. Paul’s Cathedral to Canary Wharf – don’t worry it is just 10 minutes away!

Going for one

London pub drinking

Flickr: naeros

If you are asked to come out for a drink, just one after work let’s say, be prepared to be smashed and have the biggest hangover ever the next day.

I’m never drinking again

This rule follows on from the previous one. If you go out for a one, you will definitely be saying the next day that you are never drinking again….until the next time you go for just one.

A thumb rule

You will be using your thumb a lot – that is if you want to meet someone to go on a date! In London nobody meets potential dates in real life, they are all too busy – swiping.

Go nuts for Christmas

It doesn’t matter whether you like Christmas or not, you are going absolutely bonkers for it together with everyone else.

This is a community created post. To upload your own, visit our submission page

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