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Tourists flock to this beach in Skiathos to feel the hurricane level force of a Boeing 757 jet blast – Yettio

Some crazy people will do anything to get a kick, and then there are others who just really love aircraft. Planespotters have long been flocking to a certain beach in Skiathos, Greece to get up close and personal with the jet blast of a massive plane.

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Xanemos beach is located right behind the takeoff and landing strip, and despite signs warning people of the danger and to stay away, plenty still come and even attempt to film the experience.

The airport is one of the most spectacular in Europe to see low landings and close range takeoffs. It is often dubbed the second St Maartan, after the island in the Caribbean where extreme low landings have been skimming the heads of expectant tourists for decades.

The Skiathos airport has a 5,341ft runway, which can accommodate aircraft up to the size of a Boeing 757-200.

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Within an area of up to 200 feet behind larger commercial planes, the jet engines can generate hurricane-level exhaust forces approaching 100 knots. This has been known to up-root trees, flatten building structures and shatter windows.

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