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Whenever there’s word about beautiful nature and outdoor activities, the first thing that springs to mind is Australia. Such an unexplored country, filled with natural wonders and amazing people. Unfortunately, people just want to see Sydney and be done with it. However, there’s more to New South Wales than just this city. It’s full of stunning views and new experiences. So, make sure not to make the same mistakes many tourists make and take a look at some of these suggestions on what you can do in New South Wales.

Seven Peaks Walk

You have five days to walk on an island that is only ten kilometers long. This doesn’t sound particularly interesting or challenging. However, once you see that Lord Howe actually has many exciting walking tracks, you’ll change your opinion. This tour costs roughly around $2700 per person and it covers six nights at Pinetrees Lodge with meals included.

The Snowy Mountains

snowboard snow

If you’re into winter sports, the Snowy Mountains are the place to be, especially at this time of the year. Skiing, ice-skating or snowboarding, your options are unlimited. Just make sure to prepare proper men’s and fabulous women’s snow gear and head for the mountains. When you’re adequately equipped, there’s nothing stopping you from having a great time in the snow.

Adventures in the sky

Activities in the air are also very fun and exciting. There’s an amazing adventure park in Sydney called St. Mary’s, where you can go for a daily experience. It has almost 100 aerial obstacle courses for both children and adults. So, if you decide to visit, the whole family will be having fun. In addition, there’s a tree walk up to a platform where you can admire an amazing view of the sunset.

Walk through the rainforest

rain forest walk

Minnamurra rainforest is about 100 kilometers away from Sydney and it’s a great opposite of the urban scenery you’ll see in Sydney. The rainforest is actually a part of Budderoo National Park which is filled with wildlife and beautiful nature you’ve probably never seen before. There is a special boardwalk for visitors to walk on in order to keep all the plants in the park safe and unharmed.

Byron Bay

coast bay sea

This place is quite popular, so might have even heard about it. Regardless, it is worth mentioning for various reasons. This is not just a beach, it’s so much more. Byron Bay is a wonderful contrast of a clear blue sea, white powder sand and a green rainforest. These three distinctive layers will do wonders for your relaxation. Get a sunbed or simply lie on the sand and start absorbing the energy that surrounds you.

Wherever you go in Australia, you’re destined to see something new and exciting and something you’ve never even heard about before. The richness and variety of flora and fauna in this country are absolutely stunning and they are guaranteed to leave you speechless. This is why everyone wants to come back to Australia after just one visit. Regardless of how many times you visit this amazing country, each time will bring you surprises and a brand new perspective.

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