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Top 5 Traveler’s Biggest Fears

Living in a culturally rich city might make you hesitate to leave the comfort of your couch, your cherished beach and your favorite wine. After all, why go anywhere when every corner of the world has found its place under the sunny Sydney skies?

All the versed travelers will unanimously tell you that traveling is an invaluable adventure that will reshape your perception of the world, and awake new appreciation for life in you. But this bold endeavor comes with risks, and instead of giving up, explore all the ways to mitigate your fears and ensure a memorable journey.

1. Is this place dangerous?

It’s curious how the primal fear of physical danger becomes exaggerated once we leave our cozy homes. It has never crossed my mind to watch out for potential pick-pocketing here in Randwick, for example. Although it’s always advisable to stay cautious while traveling and prepared to deal with unpleasant situations, isn’t this something we should keep in mind even in our beloved hometowns?

The truth is, keeping out of harm’s way is our first priority no matter where we are, so adapting your mindset is crucial in order to enjoy your travels without blowing every situation out of proportion.

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