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This video proves that great whites aren’t the monsters of the sea

Swim with a great white shark

Great whites have a fearsome reputation. Films, most notably Jaws, have only fueled this fear, portraying these creatures as the man-eaters of the sea.

But let’s put it into perspective. According to the International Shark Attack File (ISAF) there have only been 497 fatalities associated with shark attacks (taking all sharks into account, not just great whites) since 1580. That’s just over one per year. But what you probably didn’t know is that cows kill around twenty people each year in the US alone.

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Sadly, many shark species are nearing extinction. Humans kill 100 million every year, a rate that is simply unsustainable. Sharks play a vital role in keeping fish populations down, so whether you care about the shark or not, this has and will continue to have serious consequences on the marine ecosystem.

Ocean Ramsey, the free diver, marine biologist and shark conservationist you see in the film, believes that sharks are misunderstood.

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“We believe that in capturing and exhibiting images of sharks and humans interacting peacefully and intimately, we can help change the way people think about sharks. In doing so, we hope to promote sharks as they really are: amazing, beautiful, and important animals that need to be protected.”

We totally agree.

Visit Ramsey’s website to find out more.

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