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This video is a heart-warming look at the people of Turkey

Istanbul face

In today’s modern world with its hectic pace of life, it’s easy to stumble through our daily routine and not take a moment to consider those who move in and out of our own personal bubble.

This video examines the people of Turkey, following them for a fleeting glimpse of their daily grind, showcasing the wonderful food of the country which they produce and consume, before focusing in on their faces to get a sense of their humanity – and, in doing so, linking us all together.

Some of the faces are serious; some look almost annoyed; however, the vast majority are happy, smiling faces, radiating compassion and contentment. Especially memorable are a young boy who wavers between confusion and bemusement, and a young lady who initially seems intent on facing the camera with a serious expression, before melting into a heart-warmingly shy smile.

Add to the delicious cuisine some great shots of the country and a fantastic soundtrack penned by James Wallace and the Naked Light, and it’s no wonder there are smiles all round.

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