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The world’s 6 weirdest alcoholic drinks (number 4 is particularly strange) – Page 2 – Yettio

Snake wine

Said to cure everything from hair loss to impotence, this potent beverage involves stuffing a venomous snake into a bottle of rice wine and leaving it to ferment for a good 6 months.

In Chinese medicine, snakes have long been held to have beneficial properties for health and virility and this is one way to absorb their ‘essence.’

The resulting brew is drunk in shots and tastes just like normal rice wine if you can get past the image of the old snake carcass.

Although often sold in souvenir shops, most countries don’t allow its import as many of the snakes used are endangered species.

In Vietnam, you may find varieties made from other exotic animals such as sea horses, scorpions and geckos.

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