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Do you ever find yourself getting a bit sick of the same old lager? Fancy something completely different like a Woo Woo?

Well what about something altogether on its own level of strange? In almost every culture people have found a way to brew whatever they can into some kind of intoxicating beverage.

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In many cases delving into the finer side of a country’s alcohol production gives you a fascinating insight into the culture, and you’ll surely get to know the locals after a few shots of some of the beauties listed below.

Pizza beer

Unique pizza beer

Flickr: *USB*

Apparently the world’s first ‘culinary beer’, the couple responsible for this odd concoction originally wanted to make a beverage that would go well with a variety of cuisines, but instead ended up mushing the food into the beer.

A whole margarita pizza gets ‘put into the mash’ and brewed a bit like a tea bag. Additional spices and herbs are also added along the way.

I personally worry about the waste of a perfectly good pizza, but I shall reserve my judgment until I one day taste the beer.