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Shawn and Deanne Breedlove gave birth to a beautiful baby boy on August 8, 1993. After naming their knight in shining armor, Ben, they quickly learned that Ben was born with a heart defect, hypertrophic cardiomyopathy.

With no cure, the Breedlove family decided they wanted Ben to live his life to the best of his ability. With an older sister and eventually a younger brother, Ben became a social butterfly, extremely active, and always seemed to have an aura of gratitude about him.

ben breedlove family | Ben with older sister and younger brother

Photo: Breedlove family

ben breedlove

via benbreedloveofficial.com

Throughout the years, he suffered three cardiac arrests, and upon being revitalized, told his family of beautiful visions he had of being in a self-described “Heaven’s waiting room.” Notwithstanding the immense peace he felt after each spiritual experience, he had moments where we feared death.

Ben found ways to stay motivated, find his purpose on earth, and make the most of his relationships. In 2010, Ben started a YouTube channel and quickly gained subscribers. His channel gave …