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It’s a story of being pushed down and getting back up again. It’s a story of developing thick skin, putting in hard work, and rising to the top. It’s a story that has been told in many ways, shapes, and forms. Just months ago, that became Kyle Tomlinson’s story.

Kyle has loved singing from his early childhood, and by age 11 was already dominating the karaoke seen.

kyle tomlinson karaoke

When Kyle was 12 years old, he auditioned for Britain’s Got Talent, hoping to showcase his talents beyond the local karaoke scene. Kyle was rejected by all four judges and told he needed singing lessons by one. Surprisingly enough, it was David Walliams, not Simon Cowell, who gave the feedback.

Kyle was crushed but decided to do something about it.

Although it’s not his actual audition, this video shows what Kyle sounded like in 2014, at age 12, when he tried out for the show the first time.

After taking singing lessons, and training for three years, Kyle got his second chance at auditioning for the show. This time, he absolutely knocked their socks off.

Kyle admitted he was a bit nervous before singing.

kyle tomlinson britain's got talent

He even told the judges about his rejection three years ago, pointing right at David Walliams.

kyle tomlinson

To which David responded, “Me? It doesn’t sound the kind of sensible thing I’d say.”

Britain's Got Talent

Naturally, Simon had some fun with it and asked Kyle, “Was it said quite harshly?”

simon cowell

Kyle responded, “Yeah.”

The judges then let Kyle have his chance to prove all his critics wrong — especially David. Here’s Kyle’s second audition that blew them away.

As seen in the video, it took Kyle a minute to gather himself, but once he got comfortable, boy was he comfortable!

And David, well, David hit the golden buzzer, sending Kyle directly to the semifinal round.


Photo: PA

kyle tomlinson

David then greeted Kyle on stage and the two embraced and exchanged some emotional words.


Photo: PA

After this audition, Kyle told the media, “Singing is my passion. I wasn’t going to give up. It was three years of hard work and I wanted to prove him right. If it wasn’t for David I wouldn’t be here now.”

The 15-year-old is not only grateful for David’s feedback, but also for his grandparents who spent more than £2,000 on his singing lessons over the years.

He said: “They are letting me live my dream.”

Here’s a clip of how Kyle looked during his performance in semi-final 1 on Britain’s Got Talent.

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