This t-shirt lets you communicate with everyone while you travel

Iconspeak language t-shirts 2

Ever been in a position where you can’t make yourself understood abroad? If you don’t know the lingo, it’s always going to be tough, particularly if you get lost.

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There are plenty of apps on the market to solve the problem, but more often than not things get lost in translation. Until now.

ICONSPEAK have come up with the simple but ingenious idea of putting recognisable icons on the front of t-shirts. Just point at what you’re after and let the t-shirt do the talking.

Nothing can replace the immersion that comes with knowing the language, but even polyglots can’t master every one. This simple tool means you’ll no longer have to mime or butcher the local lingo and cut straight to the point.

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The idea came to the three founders during a motorbike tour through Vietnam and the difficulty they had with communicating with locals. Finding gestures unhelpful, they jotted down icons on a notepad which they found was an effective way of being understood.

They say the tees ‘bridge language barriers with utmost simplicity, on a global level.’

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With their original World Edition coming in a range of colours and styles for males and females, you’ll also look good while you travel. Plans to create a series of language products on other mediums are in the pipeline. Check out the clothing range here.

Iconspeak language t-shirts 2 Iconspeak language t-shirts 2 Iconspeak language t-shirts 2 Iconspeak language t-shirts 2 Iconspeak language t-shirts 2

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