How to survive (and thrive) during your first 24 hours in a new city

2. Pre-plan your path to downtown

How you get downtown will likely depend on how much baggage you have and how many people you’re with. If you’re travelling solo or with one other person and have nothing more than a backpack, you might want to skip the cab and take local transit or an airport shuttle. If you’re lugging more stuff or just really want door-to-door service, grab a taxi. Remember to have some smaller bills with you on arrival, which will make it easier to pay a driver.

3. Stay somewhere close to public transportation

Navigating busy streets and neighbourhoods gets easier the longer you’re in any place, but you want to make things as simple as possible during the first 24 hours. Before you arrive, figure out where the most common transit stops are, and aim to book accommodations near there. That cheap spot you found way out of the central district may sound tempting, but you might also be cursing your frugal nature when you realise it’s actually two hours away from where you want to be.Bangkok

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