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Getting off a plane after flying around the globe can be disorienting at the best of times (as in, when you actually managed to get some decent sleep on the plane), and extremely overwhelming, even for frequent jetsetters. You’re finally in [insert your dream destination]. Yay! But you’re also jet-lagged and dealing with a weird mix of exhaustion and giddiness. Not to worry. We have you covered with a simple eight-step guide to not only surviving your first 24 hours in any new city, but thriving.

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1. Book a room ahead of time

Don’t be a cowboy. You might have been fine winging it in the past when it came to hopping off a flight and then finding a room, but sometimes (say, when you’ve landed in a place where you can’t speak the language, it’s the middle of the night, or you’re so desperate to lay your head somewhere that you’ll take a back alley dumpster), it’s just better to book a room in advance. Whether it’s a hostel, hotel, or an Airbnb rental, knowing exactly where you’ll be going once you get your bag and exit the airport minimises stress and makes the start of your trip that much easier. Even if you’re jumpy from jet lag, having a place to decompress straight out of the gate is important.New York

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