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Have you ever been to an underwater museum? Neither have we. However, thanks to the ingenuity and vision of underwater sculptor Jason DeCaires Taylor, now you can. Taylor has brought together the two worlds of fine art and deep sea diving in an incredible sub aquatic sculpture museum.

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Taylor’s skillset is quite a unique one: he’s adept at sculpting, photography and scuba diving. Though the strings to his bow might seem to be very different to each other, Taylor has found a way to make them work together. What’s more, he not only creates fantastic museum exhibits, but also does his own bit to save the planet in the process.

He begins by crafting lifelike sculptures of people and things, including cars, desks and bowls of fruit. Next, Taylor takes the unorthodox step of sinking his creations to the bottom of the sea, thus building a museum that’s only accessible via the use of scuba apparatus. But how does this bizarre and innovative art form contribute to the well-being of the environment, I hear you ask? Taylor’s sculptures are environmentally friendly in two ways; firstly, they offer an alternative tourist attraction to coral reefs, thus alleviating some of the stress that mass tourism places upon them. Secondly, the statues will actually develop into coral reefs themselves over time, thus forging a unique link between the art that Taylor produces and the nature it seeks to preserve.

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Those wishing to view Taylor’s inimitable brand of art in the flesh should hop on the next plane or cruise ship to one of his two existing parks in Cancún, just off the Mexican coast, or Moliniere Bay, in the West Indies nation of Grenada. It certainly promises to be an exceptional experience.

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