Soak in desert bathtubs fed by a natural hot spring in Utah

Mystic Hot Springs

For millions of years in Monroe, Utah, a spring of boiling water has been gushing forth from the earth’s molten interior. At the source, it is a whopping 75 degrees °C and flows at a rate of 200 gallons per minute.

Unsurprisingly, it has always been a place of rest and refuge for people passing through. The indigenous people built camps here, as did the waves of settlers after them. It’s said even warring tribes would ‘lie down their arms to enjoy nature’s gift’.
Mystic Hot Springs Then in 1995 an entrepreneurial young man who goes by the name ‘Mystic Mike’ managed to buy the place and over the last 20 years has turned it into a little piece of desert heaven.

This isn’t the first resort to grace this special place, the first pool here was actually built by a couple of Mormon pioneers in the 1880s, with a dance hall added 40 years later. Now there are two pools and eight antique bath tubs, nestled into the naturally created mineral sculptures.
Mystic Hot Springs The water is hottest in the tubs, which boast fantastic views out over the Monroe Valley and some colourful fish ponds below. Packed full of minerals, the water is said to cure all manner of ailments including aching muscles and a stressed out mind.

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