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There’s something really entertaining about watching a food challenge. Whether you’re gathered around a table with your friends or watching a hot dog eating contest online, it’s fascinating.

That’s exactly why I had to share this when I saw it. If you haven’t heard of this guy already, I hope this introduction does him justice. Meet Matt Stonie, an In-N-Out Burger fanatic, and professional food eater. That’s right, the dude eats food for a living.

Don’t get him wrong, though. He’s not wining and dining at elegant charming restaurants all of the time. He consumes mass quantities of food in with set time limits to try and break records or create new benchmarks.

Now it’s time to quote Matt explaining what he’s about to do. “For those of you who have never lived before and don’t know what an In-N-Out 4×4 is, it is essentially a pretty tall burger that consists of 4 patties and 4 cheeses.”

matt stonie in n out challenge

via YouTube

The extra 4 comes into the equation because Matt eats 4 of the quadruples in one sitting. Therefore, 4x4x4. Oh, and let’s not forget the Diet Coke included in the mix. Gotta have something to wash it all down.

Matt Stonie In-N-Out challenge

via YouTube

4 quadruples in-n-out, matt stonie

Via YouTube

After 40 seconds, he’s already dominated one burger and is ready for the other 3.

Matt stonie, in-n-out challenge

Via YouTube

Now, enjoy the full video here.

If you thought that was disgusting, cool, or unbelievable… wait to see what Matt does on page 2.