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One of the most expensive parts of traveling is finding a cheap place to stay long enough that you can actually explore the city or country your in.

But now, thanks to a new website called Trusted Housesitters, you can forget about accommodation fees in luxurious and adventurous locations around the world.

That is, if you don’t mind…doing a little bit of pet-sitting.

According to Bored Panda, “The concept is simple, yet genius – it connects people wanting to travel the world, but feeling guilty about leaving their pets behind, with trustworthy, vetted travellers who would love to look after their house and pets in exchange for accommodation.”

So, if you’re a pet-owner who feels held back by your favorite furry friend, you can use the site to finally free yourself and travel anywhere you like.

Say goodbye to the guilt you’ve felt or the hassle of kenneling your animals for weeks at a time.

And if you don’t have any pets of your own, but don’t mind feeding, grooming, and caring for someone else’s, you can find yourself with a pretty nice set up.

Some travelers even seem to be housesitting full-time as a way to see the world.

The site offers all sorts of adventurous and luxurious options including farmhouses, villas, mansions, and condos.

And with some offers, you can even stay in the location for as long as an entire year—all for FREE.

Imagine leaving your mortgage payment behind, living in a foreign country for an entire year, all without any lodging expenses.

In fact, you’ll even get paid to stay there—in purrs or snuggles, that is.

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