This simple ocean shack a mile off Jamaica’s coast is the world’s best bar

Pelican Bar Jamaica
Flickr: Wayne Miller

Once voted the best beach bar in the world, Floyd’s Pelican Bar is probably the most serene spot you’ll find for a cold beverage and fish supper. Located a mile from the coast it is also one of the most remote.

One night a local fisherman had a vivid dream about a bar on stilts, way out at sea, a true getaway from the stress of the world. He was so inspired when he woke up that he began making his dream a reality. He transported big planks of wood on his tiny fishing boat and in 2001, the ‘Pelican Bar’ was complete, built onto a sandbar far out at sea. Large flocks of pelicans come to rest here, hence the name.

Pelican Bar Jamaica
Flickr: Wayne Miller

Originally the bar served as a hangout for local fisherman to come and rest up after a hard day at work, but it didn’t take long for hotels in the area to recognise its potential as a unique attraction for their guests.

It was the perfect place to spend the day relaxing, sunbathing, snorkeling and eating fried fish. Then in 2014 Hurricane Ivan hit Jamaica, completely destroying the bar. The outlook was bleak, but it had become such an established attraction that people clubbed together to help rebuild, with Jake’s hotel in Treasure Beach supplying the wood. Within a month it was up and running again.

If you are in the area there are plenty of fishermen who will take you out here for a small fee, the journey time is about 20 – 30 minutes. Just remember to arrange return transport as it’s pretty far to swim.

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Pelican Bar Jamaica.
Flickr: Claire

The bar feels like a desert island shack roughly held together with a few nails, but this is its rickety charm. Enjoy the incredible marine life, soak up the rays, play dominoes, have a few drinks and the serenity will wash over you like the waves.

The Pelican bar is located in Negril, Jamaica, about a mile from Treasure Beach and can also be reached from Black River.

Pelican Bar in Caribbean
Flickr: Craig Kohtz
Shack in Jamaica
Flickr: Cesar
Boat to the Pelican Bar
Flickr: mararie
Pelican Bar sign
Flickr: dubdem

Dock of Pelican Bar Caribbean
Flickr: Cesar

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