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Shocking tornado footage makes dad thankful he rushed everyone to basement

A New York state father’s security camera footage no doubt left him feeling grateful he rushed his family downstairs during what may have been a tornado earlier this year.

Kevin Karas posted his security camera footage to Facebook shortly after the storm. The camera was pointed at his driveway where a large trailer and SUV were parked.

After a few seconds, you see the wind really start to pick up and the SUV is lifted from the ground and thrown toward a tree.

At almost the same time, the trailer is lifted and thrown against his vehicle.

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And while all this was happening, Karas was rushing his family into the basement.

Which turns out was a very good idea.

In the second half of the second video below, you can hear the audio of the family inside the house. At the moment when the wind really starts to pick up (you can tell it’s near the time when the SUV went flying due to time stamps at the top of the video) Karas kids start to panic.

“It’s okay. It’s okay,” Karas reassures them as they stay sheltered from what was most-likely one of the biggest storms they’ll ever experience.

The National Weather Service reported two tornadoes touched down about 20 minutes apart during this particular storm.


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