Shark scares swimmers so man grabs it with his bare hands and takes it out to sea

The natural reaction when a shark starts getting too close to the beach is to…well…run for your life.

But that’s not what one unidentified man did when a shark came swimming around during his day on the coast.

In the video below from Inside Edition, one onlooker explained what happened:

“This guy is moving closer towards it. I’m like, ‘is this guy crazy? Maybe he didn’t think it was a shark or he wasn’t quite sure what it was.’

The man then grabbed the shark with his bare hands as the crowd around him, still a bit stunned, began to cheer.

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In a final act of heroism, the man started swimming out to sea with the shark still writhing in his hands.

Take that, Michael Phelps.

Eventually, a lifeguard brought a jet-ski out to meet him and, together, the two men took the shark out to even deeper waters to release him.

You can watch the whole thing unravel in the video below.


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