Have You Seen This? A Brown Bear Chases Mountain Bikers

bear chases mountain bikers

Tack this on to your list of things you don’t see every day. What was meant to be a nice, enjoyable bike ride on a groomed mountain-biking trail actually turned out to be a narrow escape from the jaws of death.

These two bikers were minding their own business when seemingly out of nowhere comes a bear at full speed. I don’t know about you, but had I been there, I would have freaked out.

After the bear retreats into the woods and the bikers stop, you see them give each other a high five as if it was a “hold my beer while I…” moment.

Good think Lady Luck decided to pay these bikers a visit, otherwise, we might be reading a different version of the story.

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Now, if you want to watch a bear video that makes bears seem not so scary and more Baloo-like from The Jungle Book, here you go.

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