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In northeast Estonia, about 40 kilometres outside of the capital Tallinn, lies the old Rummu underwater prison, now used as a popular swimming spot.

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Rummu underwater prison

Flickr: Eve-li

Near the small town of Rummu, a limestone quarry was established in the late 1930s along with a Soviet prison and inmates that were forced into hard mining labour. After the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991 and Estonia’s independence, the quarry and the prison were abandoned. Draining water from the quarry halted and it began to fill with water half submerging the prison.

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Rummu underwater prison

Flickr: jannok

Affectionately known locally as the ‘blue lagoon’, the quarry which features a beach, is a popular hangout spot for locals and tourists alike who come to swim and jump from the prison’s high walls. Although the water visibility isn’t great, divers also des
cend upon the spot to explore the fascinating cells and rooms of the sunken prison.

Rummu underwater prison: Nr. Rummu, 76102, Estonia

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