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Where you can visit this legit wild west ghost town this Summer

Rhyolite ghost town in Nevada

Seen one too many Western films? You’ll be all too familiar with the idea of a ghost town, then. A stone’s throw from the eastern edge of Death Valley National Park in Nevada, you’ll find a bona fide example of one in Rhyolite.

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Rhyolite ghost town in Nevada
Flickr: Rene Rivers

Named for the igneous rock which was mined at the nearby quarry, at its peak Rhyolite was home to some 5,000 prospectors hoping to make their fortune from the gold rush which gripped the USA at the outset of the 20th century.

Rhyolite ghost town in Nevada
Flickr: mtneer_man

The town was established in 1905 and comprised of a cluster of buildings, including a hospital, opera house, school and bank, as well as numerous residential dwellings. Indeed, one eccentric local named Tom T. Kelly even constructed a house from used liquor and beer bottles – the structure is one of the few …

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