Researchers think this mummified creature found in Peru might be alien

3 fingered being in Peru

Documentarians (people who make documentary videos) from Colorado have recently made claims to discovering an extraterrestrial-like being from Nazca, Peru.

If you’re anything like me, you normally just shake your head at stuff like this. So, I can’t blame you if you’re doing that now.

Filmmakers from went to Peru to investigate the mummified creature. They said they took samples and sent them for official testing. The results: The creature supposedly lived between 245 AD and 410 AD. But keep in mind that those results are only from one testing source.

The Plot Thickens

To make things more interesting, the creature was put through a CAT scan to allow researchers to analyze its bone structure. As if that wasn’t enough, the researchers say that petroglyphs have been found in the Peruvian Mountains depicting a “humanoid figure” with three fingers, similar to the mummy.

petroglyphs of 3 fingered being in Peru / YouTube
mummified creature found in peru
Credit: Gaia / YouTube
mummified creature found in peru
Credit: Gaia / YouTube

There are, however, many that don’t believe the story.

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The Naysayer’s Argument

Nigel Watson is a self-proclaimed UFO expert and told the Daily Mail he doesn’t believe the creature is actually an alien. “I’m no expert on ancient mummified bodies but they tend to be more ‘leatherish’ looking,” Watson said. “This seems to be a plaster cast over a bone structure with three fingers attached to the hands.”

Watson expressed concern with the journalist that tipped off the researchers involved with the case. He cautioned people to look at Jaime Maussan’s track record. Maussan is the journalist that told the researchers about the creature.

“He [Maussan] has cried wolf too often to be ever taken seriously by anyone with at least one functioning brain cell,” Watson said, recalling an incident in which Maussan charged visitors $20 to view slides of what he claimed was evidence of an extraterrestrial being. Maussan touted the project as “thoroughly researched.” Turns out that the slides were pictures of a mummy from a local museum.

Watson continued, “Such hoaxes are the product of wishful thinking mixed with greed and a lust for publicity,” argued Watson. The more exotic the claim the more viewers they generate, and so we get ever more bizarre ‘revelations’ about alien corpses, flying saucer wreckage and messages from our alien masters.”

The real question remains… “What do you think?”

What do you think?

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