This ‘Real-Life-Mowgli’ was raised by wild animals—and you should see her now as an adult

France as a teenager—to go to school there.

There she learned the ways of living among the French, but she still doesn’t consider herself to be “French.”

The first two years of adjusting from the expansive plains of Africa to the metal-and-concrete world of Paris were particularly difficult for her.

She first went to a local state school in Paris, but after realizing she didn’t really have anything in common with the other kids, she opted for being home-schooled.

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After a few years, and feeling much more adjusted, Tippi eventually attended public school and continued on studying film at La Sorbonne Nouvelle University in Paris.

Since then, she has made a number of trips back to Africa.

She filmed a documentary for the Discovery Channel, reunited and reconnected with tribespeople, and felt entirely at home.

Now, Tippi is an adult. It’s been almost thirty years since she began her journey as a child in Africa.

While she may not look quite like she did as a “Real Life Mowgli” being raised with wild animals, her heart is still in Africa with the animals and the people who helped raise her.

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