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It’s clear that people are heavily divided on the issue of the new president-elect of the United States. Add to this the cramped conditions and stress of a low-cost flight and things can easily turn ugly.

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The pilot of a United Airlines flight from San Francisco to Puerto Vallarta in Mexico, was forced to break up a heated argument about Donald Trump and then issue a plea to passengers.

The fight broke out after one passanger made a rascist remark about guns and offended the person next to him. The pilot was alerted and made an emergency announcement over the intercom, asking passengers to keep their opinions to themselves because they would soon be ‘in a metal tube at 35,000 feet’.

He made a touching speech about tolerance, and implored passengers to set aside their differences for this 3 hours flight where everyone should be having a good time. He warned that if anyone wanted to rant and rage they would be removed from the plane.

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In true American style, the announcement was applauded with clapping and cheers from the passengers, who heeded the warning and enjoyed the rest of the flight, which landed safely in Mexico on time.