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Photos of the world’s last Orient Express reveal how much travel has changed

Abandonded Orient Express train

Travel has changed dramatically over the past hundred years, back then low budget flights to almost anywhere were a far distant dream. The divide between rich and poor was especially evident and unless you wanted to live like a hobo or join the Navy, you couldn’t go anywhere if you didn’t have bags of cash.

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When the Orient Express was created in 1883 it was a showcase of comfort at a time when normal journeys were still pretty rough. Even though it was just a long distance train, its name became synonymous with luxury and intrigue, and for many well-heeled people it was top of a lifetime bucket list.Abandonded Orient Express train

The lines glory days lasted over 100 years, with the route changing several times. Eventually it ceased to operate in 2009, becoming a victim of high speed trains and low cost airlines.

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A photographer has captured haunting photos of the inside of an old Orient Express, abandoned in its original heyday and the only one of its kind still on tracks. Brian, whose love of capturing abandoned places began in Rotterdam, travelled all the way to Belgium to work on the project.Abandonded Orient Express train

via Demilked / Precious Decay 

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