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15 Stunning photos that prove the American West has some of the world’s most varied landscapes

Black and white photography Laurent Baheux travelled through the American West capturing the endless landscapes of mountains, plains, river gorges and valleys. His book Portfolio 27 – AMERICA Baheux uses his signature deep blacks and contrasts to highlight some of the most interesting and varied landscapes in the world.

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He says, “I was just looking for endless horizons and landscapes. I’ve always considered my choices like a gambler’s lucky streak and I’ve not been disappointed yet. This territory is amazing, huge and ever changing. There are mountains, plains, deserts with panoramas that take your breath away. Same as in Africa, when you are there, you may feel that you are the only human being in the world.“

Click through the collection of photos below to see what we mean…1140-crater-lake-national-park-oregon-usa-2014-laurent-baheux

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