Photographer travels the world capturing its most breathtaking spiral staircases

Instagrammer @_nancy0_0 was born in Milan.

But two years ago, she bought a one-way ticket to London, began her world travels, and never looked back.

Today, you’ll find her in Paris; frequently traveling to nearby countries to photograph some of the most stunning spiral staircases and other architecture.

Often, Nancy plans ahead of time to find the coolest, most interesting staircases in the city she’s visiting.

“You need to be prepared and know where the coolest and most unique are located (and really often they are hidden in residential or private buildings) but sometimes they are part of a museum or a shopping centre so can be easily accessible for everyone.”

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Take a look at some of her stunning shots below and see lots more on her Instagram account.

Story: Bored Panda | Images: Instagram

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