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Photo gallery: 9 Swimming destinations that will forever change the way you think of pools

geothermal pool

Swimming is something that people all over the world enjoy. Indoors, outdoors, by sunlight and moonlight, the water calls to us. Pair that with nice weather and, well, it elevates the experience.

There are swimming destinations spotting the globe that are nothing shy of heavenly. The key, knowing where to find them. We’ve got you covered.

Chittorgarh Fort — India

Chittorgarh Fort, India

Nestled up against stunning stone architecture, this swimming area provides a view that is second to none.

San Alfonso del Mar Seawater Pool — Chile

San Alfonso del Mar Pool

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Located at a private resort in Albarrobo, Chile, this is the world’s second largest swimming pool. The same company that made this pool built the world’s largest pool in Egypt.

San Alfonso del Mar Seawater Pool

Grace Infinity Pool — Santorini, Greece

Grace Santorini Infinity Pool
© Grace Hotels Limited

Infinity pools give you a sense of wonder and adventure. The ability to swim right to the edge of amazing vistas is nothing to be taken for granted. The Grace Santorini pool, located in Greece, does not disappoint. It’ll cost you a pretty penny, but also provide an unobstructed view of the Mediterranean Sea.

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