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Norwegians set the record for the largest bonfire in the world during Midsummer festival

Norway world's largest bonfire

A new world record for the largest bonfire was set in the town of Ålesund in Norway during the Midsummer festival.

Built from pallets by over 40 local volunteers, the stack measured up at an impressive 47.4 metres high. To set it alight, several locals had to climb the structure, light a fuse and descend before it ignited.

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Såå, bålet va sjukt i år da? #sankthans #slinningsbålet #ålesund #veldokumentert

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Spectaculars gathered along the waterfront and in surrounding boats to watch the spectacle, while firemen continuously hose the base in an attempt to tame the beast. Some onlookers commented that the heat was still intense over 100 metres away.

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via Altas Explora / Martin Molnes

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