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Since 2006, captain and surfer Liz Clarke has chosen a life at sea. On board her 40ft yacht Swell, she’s sailed from California down past Mexico and Central America in search of waves, good vibes and harmony with Mother Earth.

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But now she’s got a companion.

Over the years she’s had plenty of uninvited pets – geckos that hide in the stockpile of bananas, an army of ants and two port rats that found a new home on the yacht and quickly starting producing offspring. But in 2013 when she found a young cat, she knew it was destined to be part of her nomadic life.

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Amelia the tropicat quickly got used to life on board.  Here’s the story in photos from Clarkes inspiring Instagram feed @captainlizclark.

“”Peace” – that was the other name for home.” -Kathleen Norris … back with my fuzzy little queen ??✌?️

A photo posted by Captain Lizzy (@captainlizclark) on

#AmeliatheTropicat reminding us to REACH for our desires!!!! #fishing

A photo posted by Captain Lizzy (@captainlizclark) on

via Swell Voyage / @captainlizclark

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