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Newly wed takes hilarious solo snaps of her Greek honeymoon after husband is denied visa

Newly wed goes on honeymoon alone

After the happiest, but sometimes most stressful day of your life, a once-in-a-lifetime honeymoon trip to a sunny faraway land is most probably well needed.

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So what happens when your partner doesn’t get a visa? This was the dilemma that Huma Mobin was left with when her husband was denied a visa for Greece. Without wanted to waste the trip which had already been paid for, she headed off along with her in-laws for her singlemoon.

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Mobin posed for a series of hilarious photos with her arm stretched out around her missing hubby, which have since gone viral on Facebook. Ironically, the original idea for the images came from her husband who sent her a similar photo on his solo trip to Budapest.Newly wed goes on honeymoon alone Newly wed goes on honeymoon alone Newly wed goes on honeymoon alone 6

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via Huma Mobin / Bored Panda

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