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It’s not easy summing up the essence of a country in just a few words, and tourism boards around the world spend a great deal of time trying to come up with the perfectly enticing slogan.

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A holiday company has decided to record every destination slogan they could find and add it to a zoom-able map. Some have definitely done a better job than others, but overall it offers an interesting look at how countries try to market themselves.

Some are simple and to the point such as ‘Incredible India’ and ‘Brasil – Sensational! while others are a bit more elaborate like ‘United Republic of Tanzania – The land of Kilimanjaro, Zanzibar and the Serengeti’.

Some have used wordplay to create their catchphrase, such as ‘Ukraine – It’s all about U’ and ‘I feel SLOVEnia’.

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More than 30 countries had no slogan at all, including North Korea and much more surprisingly Sweden. On the other hand quite a few destinations which are effected by war or off limits to tourists have retained theirs, such as Syria’s poignant ‘Always beautiful’.

Here are some others we liked..

‘Visit Armenia, it is beautiful’ – Direct and to the point.

‘Travel in Slovakia – good idea’ – Thank you, we thought so too!

‘Dijibouti – Dijibeauty’ – Love the wordplay.

‘Yes, it’s Jordan’ – Thank you for letting us know.

‘Honduras – everything is here’ – Quite a claim.

‘Uganda – you’re welcome’ – Why thank you!

‘Netherlands – the original cool’ – It’s actually true.

‘Epic Estonia’ – Nice alliteration.

‘The UK – home of amazing moments’ – apparently.

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