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Dubai is known for taking architecture to extremes. Here you will find the world’s tallest building, massive artificial islands and the biggest shopping mall on earth. They’ve even managed to build a ski resort in the middle of the desert.

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Now the Middle East will have its first rainforest too, complete with an artificial beach and trees that spray mist.

The Rosemont hotel and residences, which will be managed by Hilton Worldwide, will open its doors in 2018 and be an extravagant display of over-the-top luxury. Built at an estimated cost of £230 million, there will be 450 rooms, ultra-fine dining and an infinity pool built into a ledge overlooking the city skyline.Dubai rainforest hotel

The jungle will be housed in a five storey area, built inside a podium with its own artificial atmosphere to regulate temperature and humidity. Exotic trees and plants will wrap around the man-made pools, beaches and waterfalls, making for a unique experience.

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They haven’t yet released an estimated cost of a night here, but we imagine it will be out of our price range.

Dubai rainforest hotel 2 Dubai rainforest hotel Rosemont jungle hotel Dubai 4

via Plompmozes / ZAZ Architects

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