New list gives access to the free Wi-Fi passwords of airports around the world

airport wi-fi

Every now and again during long haul travel, a stopover is required that drags for hours and there is only so much duty free browsing you can do. For many of us the internet is the quickest fix to get over the boredom of waiting. We would say try reading a book but sometimes even that isn’t enough.

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Then again maybe you desperately need an internet connection to check late night transport connections, send an urgent email or book a hotel.

For all these things and many more a Wi-Fi connection in a foreign land is a blessing, but in many airports this comes at a cost. Never fear, for now computer security engineer Anil Polat has come up with a plan to give everyone access to all the existing free Wi-Fi codes the world over.

It consists of a list that is shared via google maps, and is growing daily as he encourages people to send him useful tips. The new app is called WiFox and all you need to do is zoom in on your current airport location, and it will detail helpful information and any available passwords, which he claims have all been verified.

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The information is also available offline, to avoid the irony of having no data to search for free data. Polat promises he will “show you the tips, tricks and tech you can use to travel smarter.” Excellent.

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