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Nasa has just released a new timelapse video showing imagery taken from the International Space Station of both the aurora borealis and aurora australis in ultra high-definition 4K.

The phenomena occurs when electronically charged particles collide with neutral atoms in the Earth’s magnetic field creating a magical natural light show.

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Although the aurora borealis and aurora australis, also known as the northern and southern lights, can be seen from Earth, it’s all the more remarkable seeing it from above as it wraps around the planet’s atmosphere, interspersed with lightening storms.

The film was produced in partnership with Harmonic, a leader in video delivery infrastructure, as part of the NASA TV UHD, the first non-commercial ultra HD channel in the US. When the channel is officially launched on 1st Nov 2016, users will have access to 8-megapixel resolution imagery and video through a range of television and internet-connected devices.

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“As NASA reaches new heights and reveals the unknown, the NASA TV UHD channel can bring that journey to life in every home. And as organizations at the forefront of innovation, together we are leading the adoption of this exciting technology” said Peter Alexander, chief marketing officer at Harmonic.

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