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In the business world, the term “swimming with sharks” is a metaphor for putting yourself at the mercy of ruthless or dangerous individuals. As this incredible video proves, sometimes literal meanings put metaphors to shame, after one lucky diver had a very narrow escape when a shark breached the bars of his cage.

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Tour operators regularly run trips around Guadalupe Island, which lies 150 miles off Mexico’s Baja Coast. Their once-in-a-lifetime experience allows divers the chance to get up close and personal with these majestic creatures and thousands of people have enjoyed the event without mishap. However, on October 4th 2016, the sharks didn’t quite read the script. When one of them lunged for a hunk of tuna (the method by which the shark wranglers lure them close to the boat), he became disorientated and lashed out, breaking the metal bars of the cage and tumbling inside. Using remarkable quick-thinking, the experienced diver inside quickly descended underneath the cage and waited for the shark to free himself.

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While the video immediately went viral, the tour operators were understandably on the receiving end of some fairly negative press. However, they were quick to stress that they work closely with the Mexican government, marine biologists and conservation groups in order to help save these beautiful but deadly animals from the constant threat of poachers. They also assured concerned viewers that though the shark did sustain some injuries in the incident, he made a full recovery shortly afterwards.

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