The mystery of the Bermuda triangle may have finally been solved

Bermuda Triangle mystery solved

What do huge craters off the coast of Norway have to do with the Bermuda triangle?

At first glance the two seem completely unrelated, but when it comes to cracking the age old mystery of why this area off the Caribbean coast claims so many ships and aircraft, there may be more of a link than it seems.

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Scientists have been speculating for a long time that massive bursts of methane beneath the ocean floor could disrupt water and air density, possibly causing the many transport accidents and disappearances in the area.

The recently found craters in Norway are caused by just such a phenomenon and are half a mile wide and 150 ft deep, proving that enormous blowouts of gas really do cause some serious damage.

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Scientists from the Arctic University of Norway have stated that the area is one of the biggest hotspots of marine methane release in the Arctic, making it the ideal place to study whether one of these gas bubbles would really be enough to sink a ship.

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Of course the Bermuda triangle isn’t the only place where ships have gone missing. Studying this kind of natural catastophe could help prevent problems in other areas too.

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