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You might think it’s a requirement to be completely knocked out by medication when undergoing brain surgery.

But that’s not what doctors wanted Indian guitar enthusiast Abhishek Prasad to do while they sliced into his brain.

Picture: ANI, Source: Supplied

Soon after quitting his job to pursue music full-time, Abhishek started getting severe finger cramps.

“I thought maybe it is because of fatigue, I am playing too much, this is happening. So I took a break for some time, 15 or 20 days, but it did not help,” he explained.

Eventually, a doctor discovered the problem: Abhishek suffered from a condition called “musical dystonia.”

The disease causes certain muscles, in Abhishek’s case his fingers, to cramp up. But there’s a catch—it only happens when he’s making music.

According to his surgeon:

“This is a form of a task-specific movement disorder, which comes out only when playing a musical instrument. In his case, … it was the cramping of three fingers, middle, ring and little, on his left hand because of the misfiring circuits in his brain.”

In order for doctors to locate and operate on the portion of his brain that was causing neurons to misfire, they needed Abhishek to play music while they operated on him.

So how do you correct musical dystonia?

With radio waves of course.

Abhishek doctor utilized radio-frequency currents to destroy the part of the brain that was triggering abnormal tremors.

The procedure took around 4 hours and they had Abhishek playing guitar multiple times throughout the process.

“This is why the patient has to be fully awake during the surgery,” his surgeon said. “He has to give me a real-time feedback.”
“As I am entering the brain, I’m stimulating the brain at various levels to make sure I’m in the right location,” he explains.
“Once I confirmed that I’m there, then I started burning the circuits with radio-frequency currents.”
Abhishek stayed in the hospital for three days after the surgery. Doctors say he is doing well and recovering as planned.
According to CNN, he plans to release his first song next week—on the guitar, of course.
You can see a video of Abhishek’s unique performance below.