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There’s nothing quite like natural hot springs to help you relax and unwind after a long day’s hiking. In Mount Hood National Forest in Oregon – approximately 70 miles from Portland – you can enjoy the rejuvenating mineral waters of Bagby Hot Springs, a site popular with Native Americans for centuries.

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Bagby Hot Springs

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The springs take their name from a prospector named Bob Bagby who stumbled across them in 1880. In 1913, a guard station was built nearby and the following decade saw the construction of the first bathhouse onsite. Though the original building was burnt down due to the negligence of bathers in the late 70s, today three newly built bathhouses are in place.

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Bagby Hot Springs

Flickr: MrPants

The site is open to all comers and becomes especially popular on weekends and holidays, so you might have to wait for your dip in the refreshingly relaxing waters. The main bathhouse, which is open 24 hours a day, has five beautiful cedar log hot tubs, each in a private room. Another located 100 yards away has one large tub on an open deck, surrounded by the forest.

Babgy Hot Springs: Mt Hood, OR 97055

Bagby Hot Springs

Flickr: objectivejay

Bagby Hot Springs

Flickr: squiddles

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